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Cannabis is poised to be Silicon Valley’s billion dollar cash crop

The marriage of technology and cannabis entrepreneurship has gone from a passion-project for growers, to a full-fledged venture capitalist (VC) bonanza in just the past year and a half. Marijuana startups are no longer simply the domain of experts on cultivation and plant-strain for medical dispensaries. The profits are now measured in billions and developers are being offered increasingly high-paying positions at cannabis startups . It’s difficult to determine exactly how much money there is in the cannabis industry. A report from Forbes states that North American sales totaled $6.7 billion in 2016. Investors looking for an emerging industry that’s… …read more

Meizu’s new flagship puts a display on the back of your phone

As smartphone makers race to use up every millimeter of space on the front of our devices, the backs have gone woefully unappreciated. Meizu’s new Pro 7 series wants to change that. The Pro 7 (and Pro 7 Plus) add a small AMOLED panel to the rear of the device, in a rather bold bit of asymetry. It’s an attractive device. Meizu says you can use it as a display to take high quality selfies using the rear camera, as well as basic time and weather information. You can also just set a wallpaper for it, if you’re into that… …read more

It’s time to fear Amazon

When Walmart set up shop in a small West Virginia town, Foodland, a grocery chain of around 30 stores spanning areas of the south and southeast, buckled under the pressure. “It was just overnight. Even the employees didn’t see it coming,” said Pat McKenzie, director of the Richwood Chamber of Commerce. The neighborhood mainstay closed its doors just weeks after Walmart’s arrival. Piggly Wiggly, a larger chain with over 500 stores, followed suit shortly after. Walmart isn’t an under-the-radar threat. It speeds into town, horns blaring, and steamrolls any resistance it should face. If Foodland employees didn’t see it coming,… …read more

Facebook teams with Harvard to defend democracy from hackers

Facebook announced today it would fund a project called Defending Digital Democracy. The project, co-founded by the campaign managers for both Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney, aims to thwart outside interference in elections. The Belfer Center at The John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University announced the project earlier this month. Eric Rosenbach, Co-Director of the Belfer Center and former Assistant Secretary of Defense will be heading it up. In a Harvard press release he said: Americans across the political spectrum agree that political contests should be decided by the power of ideas, not the skill of foreign… …read more

Windows 95 running natively in your browser is a sight to behold

That Windows 95 startup sound always gives me nostalgia, but how about taking it for a whirl without setting anything up whatsoever? Andrea Faulds, a 19-year-old developer in Scotland, managed to get Windows 95 to function fully in the browser without any plugins. It’s a truly incredible sight to behold: seeing the 20-year-old operating system fully functioning in pure JavaScript is amazing — you can play Freecell, mess around in DOS or just enjoy the nostalgia. The project uses emscripten, an emulator that compiles C++ code to JavaScript at runtime so you can enjoy the full retro experience without needing …read more