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General election 2017: May heads to Nato summit as campaign resumes – politics live

Low-key election campaign restarts in wake of Manchester terror attack

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10.20am BST

You can read the Ukip manifesto here.

The UKIP 2017 Election Manfiesto is here if you want to have a look for yourself https://t.co/iWmJbk6gyI

10.20am BST

Paul Nuttall, the Ukip leader, is speaking now at the launch of the Ukip manifeso.

He starts by offering condolences to the family and friends of the victims of the Manchester bombing.

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Manchester attack: police stop sharing information with US over leaks – latest updates

Row over US leaks escalates as more arrests are made in UK and report says bomber travelled to Germany days before the attack

More victims of the terror attack are namedTheresa May to tackle Donald Trump over evidence leaksFocus on Libya amid reports Abedi’s father and brother arrested

10.15am BST

A neighbour to the address raided this morning in Moss Side said she reported a suspicious car parked outside the house on the night of the attack.

The green Seat Ibiza remains outside the searched property, and was first noticed by Lorna Reilly on the morning after the attack. …read more

Paul Nuttall defends resumption of Ukip campaign with manifesto launch

Ukip leader says democratic process must go on as other parties suspend campaigns until Friday over Manchester attack

The Ukip leader, Paul Nuttall, has said his party is facing a “difficult election” but defended his decision to launch its manifesto on Thursday after an election campaigning suspension following the Manchester Arena bombings.

Labour, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats have said they will not resume national campaigning until Friday, but local campaigns will continue after the minute’s silence at 11am to remember the 22 killed in the bombing.

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The ‘dementia tax’ mess shows how little May thinks of disabled people | Frances Ryan

The prime minister’s contortions over the last few days leave no room for doubt: retaining power is more important to her than helping those most in need

In a matter of days, Britain’s social care crisis became the Tories’ election crisis. As Theresa May took the fall out of a U-turn on the “dementia tax” – a term adopted with such ease, and so widely, it gives a hint at the failures of the policy – Tory HQ was left clutching at straws. As well as buying Google ad space to “correct” voters searching for “dementia tax”, …read more

The Snap: low-key election campaign restarts after Manchester attack

Theresa May heads to Nato summit … major parties will not resume national campaign until Friday … Ukip will launch manifesto this morning

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