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Digital autopsies should be standard for probable natural deaths, says study

CT scanning techniques should be used instead of invasive autopsies in cases of probable natural death- and should be offered free of charge, say researchers

Digital autopsies should be the first-line approach in postmortem investigations of probable natural death, and should be offered free of charge to families, researchers have said.

About 90,000 autopsies requested by coroners are carried out in England and Wales every year, with the majority of deaths found to be a result of natural causes.

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Drinking coffee may help prevent liver cancer, study suggests

People who drink more coffee – even decaffeinated – are less likely to develop liver cancer, an analysis of data from 26 studies has found

Increasing coffee consumption may help to stave off liver cancer, a new study has suggested.

Researchers have found that people who drink more coffee are less likely to develop hepatocellular cancer (HCC), the most common form of primary liver cancer – and the effect was even found in decaffeinated coffee.

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The great London property squeeze

As affordable housing in Britain’s capital is replaced by luxury towers, people on middle incomes are being priced out, while the poor are forced to pay extortionate rents for shocking conditions

The first time I met Ian Dick, the head of private housing at Newham council in east London, he took me on a walk to look for “beds in sheds”. It was 2011, and alongside criminal levels of overcrowding in private rental properties, there was a growing problem of people living in illegal structures in back gardens. It was not uncommon to find 10 or 20 people living in a …read more

Cannabis drug cuts seizures in children with severe epilepsy in trial

Doctors say cannabidiol offers hope for thousands with rare condition who have several life-threatening convulsions a day

A new drug derived from cannabis has been shown to reduce the convulsive seizures experienced by children with a severe form of epilepsy by nearly a half – and in a small number, stop them altogether.

Doctors involved in the trials say the drug could change the lives of thousands of children for whom there is little treatment, and might also help children and adults with more common forms of epilepsy.

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Nurse job interview tips: top nine questions and answers

Recruiters reveal what they ask when hiring new staff – and the answers they hope to hear

Compassion and communication, respect and resilience, accountability and adaptability – a good nurse possesses a daunting set of qualities. If you’re newly qualified, how can you convince employers you have what it takes?

We asked those responsible for hiring band five nurses to tell us how they identify the right candidates. Here, they reveal some of the most common interview questions, as well as tips on how to answer them.

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